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Update Time2024-01-02
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Do you want to play in the world of pool games? 8 Ball Pool is an addictive challenging game based on real 3D pool games, where you will challenge your friends online. Become a master of the pool! The balls game is easy to win. You just have to select the table and get ready. Join us and challenge your friends to this ball game in PvP mode. Use your pool strategy with the cue wisely in this online multiplayer ball game as every round will be more difficult after each level. You can play in multiplayer or PvP mode in different pool tables. Become the best player and challenge your friends in this pool game. You can play pool in multiplayer or PvP mode using different balls and table types. 8 Ball Pool is designed to help your intelligence. You will improve the aim when shooting balls with the cue. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Playing pool in multiplayer tournaments with friends is easy: Sign in for free with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you’ll be able to challenge your friends straight from this multiplayer 8 ball game. Challenge friends to a PvP pool match on the go. Aim and shoot your best balls with a customized cue in our online 3D PvP tournament! PLAY FOR COINS AND WIN EXCLUSIVE ITEMS Customize your cue and pool table! In every competitive PvP match you play in our league, there’ll be Coins at stake – win the match and the Coins are yours. You can also buy new items in the Pool Shop. Compete in our 3D multiplayer league and become a master of 8 balls in 3D! The 8 Ball level system means you’re always facing challenging players in the 8 ball league. Play multiplayer 8 Ball Pool to increase your ranking in our pool league and get access to more exclusive 8 Ball Pool match locations, where you play and compete against the best online pool players. 8 Ball Pool has different match levels: It doesn't matter if you're an amateur or a pro player, take your chance in our PvP competitions with your friends and other players and win the pool challenge: Aim with the cue and prove your skills in this free 8 ball online tournament. *This 8 Ball Pool game requires internet connection. Play on the Web at miniclip.com/pool TERMS AND CONDITIONS: http://www.miniclip.com/terms-and-conditions PRIVACY POLICY: http://www.miniclip.com/privacy ------------------------------------ Miniclip: http://www.miniclip.com Like 8 Ball Pool: http://on.fb.me/Wx4f23 Facebook: http://facebook.com/miniclip Twitter: http://twitter.com/miniclip
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The 8 Ball Pool app offers a realistic and immersive pool game experience with stunning graphics and intuitive controls. It allows players to compete in one-on-one matches, enter tournaments, and challenge friends in multiplayer mode. The app also provides the option to customize cues and tables, adding a personal touch to the gameplay.


The app provides an entertaining and competitive gaming experience for pool enthusiasts of all levels. With its user-friendly interface and variety of game modes, players can enjoy endless hours of fun and excitement. Additionally, the app offers in-game rewards and achievements, adding an extra layer of motivation for players to improve their skills and progress in the game.

Target Audience

The 8 Ball Pool app is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing pool or is looking for a fun and challenging mobile game. Whether you're a casual player looking for some leisure time entertainment or a competitive gamer seeking intense multiplayer competitions, this app caters to a wide range of audiences.

Overall, the 8 Ball Pool app offers a comprehensive and enjoyable pool gaming experience, making it a must-have for fans of the game. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this app provides endless opportunities for entertainment and competition.

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By Elvis
I enjoy playing 8 Ball Pool during my break time. It's a relaxing and entertaining game. The controls are easy to use and the matchmaking system is fair. Definitely one of the best pool games out there.
26 Oct,2023
By Harley
I've been addicted to 8 Ball Pool for weeks now. It's a great way to pass the time and compete against other players. The app has a lot of different game modes to keep things interesting. Love it!
26 Oct,2023
By Remy
I love the social aspect of 8 Ball Pool. It's great to be able to challenge my friends and see who's the better pool player. The app also has regular tournaments and events, so there's always something to look forward to.
26 Oct,2023
By Scout
I've tried many pool games in the past, but 8 Ball Pool is by far the best one. The graphics are realistic, the physics are accurate, and the online multiplayer is a blast. It's definitely worth downloading.
26 Oct,2023
By Yara
This app is so much fun! I love playing pool with my friends online. The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is smooth. Highly recommend!
26 Oct,2023